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Yes it has been a long time since I last posted. Things have been busy and sort of hectic. It is funny how life gets that way when you really have no intention of letting that happen.

When we moved here, I had every intention of being a bored housewife. Little did I know that my schedule would be filled to overflowing and I would be struggling to make sense of it all and keep things straight and sane. I mean how many coffees can a person go to?

This last week was the culmination of a hectic couple of weeks. I had been helping coordinate the passing out of tickets to a gala event and a week ago Monday was the event. It went great and everything went smoothly. So on that hand it was a great success. On the other hand I was burned out.

I needed time to do absolutely nothing and recouperate. Last week I kind of felt like an ostrich sticking their head in the sand and going "nana I can't hear you". I hate to admit it, but I did dodge several phone calls and events that I ususally attend. I needed peace and quite.

However I am back and running in the fast lane agaion. I am determined not to get back to the overwhealmed schedule of the past though. I have decided to adopt a most Arabic attitude about it... "InShallah" meaning "God willing".

If you are a reader on Facebook, you know I am thingking I am going nuts. I have consulted with the personal trainer at the gym and am going to meet with him tomorrow afternoon. I know I need to do this, I just am sooooo allergic to exercise.

I know what is going to happen... I am going to start working out and feeling better and then end up giving up all the bad foods I like to eat (coffee, chocolate, chips...) and I am going to eat only fruits and vegies and maybe some chicken and some fish... I am going to get healthy.

Every part of me wants to resist this. I don't know why. I have always hated to exercise, but I love to walk. Maybe my body just knows that this needs to be done and now is the time to do it. I am also going to start water aerobics and some swim lessons.

The swim lessons will be good since I can't swim. I am terrified of water (bad gym teacher) and anything over my head, I freak out. However I have a friend here who has taught swimming to may people who are afraid of water. My ultimate goal in this is to be able to go snorkeling again.

When we were in Hawaii, we went snorkeling and I had fun. I was terrified of the water, but, I had fun and got bit by the bug. From what I have read, the snorkeling here is absolutely fabulous. I really want to do it again. However I just can't face getting in the gulf and not knowing how to swim. We will see just how patient Lisa is. She may need to have the patience of a saint though.

Well, I am off for more adventures...

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