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New discoveries... and more advantures.

I am really kicking myself now that I have been to Global Village. I had a chance to go and I didn't about a month ago. Well, I did have a slight knee injury and it would have been rough going, but if i would have been a bit more careful, I would have been fine.

We went up on Saturday and wow! I have never seen anything like it. It was absolutely fantastic. I got some fantastic perfumes that I really like and some necklaces and we also got a fabulous rug.

We would have liked to spend more time there and possibly gotten several more rugs.

If anyone knows where the rug vendor is located that was just inside the front gate to the left, please let me know. Or if you know a really good place to pick up rugs, I would love to know that also. I have heard the rug store in Meena shopping center is good.

There was one pavilion that was really intriguing... I think it was the Dubai police department? They had gorgeous trunks and some large gold trays. The work was incredible. Were these just on display, or an auctions or just what? I think that would be something I could convince hubby to buy in the future.

When we were up in Dubai we went to the Dubai Mall... how fun. I could so totally imagine the damage I could inflict on a credit card there lol. I wouldn't so that of course since I would be the one to pay it off lol. There were some fantastic lighting shops I would have loved to explore.

The Burj is absolutely incredible when you get up close and see it. The architects are so creative. Doug has dubbed Dubai as the "Architects Playground". When you see some of the interesting and creative buildings going up you soon realize why.

Well I am off to a morning of fun. I am going to a WIAD coffee and the presentation is on Kazkhstan. Should be very interesting. I will be posting photos

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