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Being sick is an adjustment in it's self...

Thursday last, I came down with a sinus infection... or so I thought. It didn't go away and I kept feeling worse. Finally Doug said I needed to go to the doctor.

Having been with him to the Dr. when he had an ear infection, I knew this was going to be a different experience. The first thing we have to do is call our international insurance company facilitator. They have nurses on staff that evaluate what is going on and make referrals based on that, to the proper facility here.

After Doug had talked with the nurse, she felt I needed to see an ENT. She needed to make the apt and then call us back. She said it might be the next day as she was in London and she needed to get in touch with the nurse from the Dubai office. One way or another, someone would call us in the morning. OK no problem I can hang in until morning.

So yesterday, I am waiting and nothing... so I sms Doug... have you heard anything? no, will call them... A few minutes later I am talking to the nurse from the Dubai office and she is getting me a referral to Gulf Diagnostic Center to see a GP. She felt that is where we needed to start, as far as doctors.

While I am waiting, I am thinking... I wonder what nationality will this doctor be? I should probably write down all the questions I can think of that he might have and put my answers on the page also... so I type it up and print it out.

So anyway, I call Doug at work and he comes home. We go get a taxi and head to Gulf. We get there, and (not knowing that there is a back entrance) wind our way around the compound to the back entrance... which is actually the main entrance.

The doctor is Indian I think, no worries. Some of the best in this area are from India. So he takes a look at my list of questions and seems impressed that I had it all written down for him. This helps me, since I have practically no voice. Let's take a look he says. I move over to the table, and he looks in my throat, listens to lungs and all that good stuff. No fever, lungs are clear, but Oh my he says... your vocal chords are inflamed.

So the diagnosis is viral laryngitis and bronchitis. Here is the interesting part... In the states, most doctors would put you on antibiotics. Dr Al Anad says, I don't want to put you on antibiotics since they mess with the rest of your system. Lets try some herbal remidies. O.K. Why not... sounds good to me. He gives me a prescription for a cough supressant (thyme and primula root) and an antihistamine as well as some herbal throat losenges with ginger in them. I have to say, that cough supressant stuff works.

I get some pretty nasty coughs at times so I have tried some pretty powerful cough medicines. This stuff works better than anything I have tried so far. I actually slept through the night. Well, at leat till 4 a.m. which is a lot better than I normally do.

I still feel like a truck has run over me, and still don't have a voice. However, I am feeling better since I got a good nights sleep.

Well, I think I am going to head up to the pool and sit in the sun for a while. I have a feeling that might feel kind of good.

Maybe I will take some crocheting up with me ad work on that.


It's the little things.....

For the most part, I think I have made the adjustment of living in the Middle East quite well.

To be honest, I have always wished that I could study the culture and history of this area. I have a decent knowledge of Europe and most of the history there, but when it comes to this area of the world... there is very little available. When you do find information, it is always from a western point of view.

That is fine, if you are looking for an overview. However, I am one of those who wants to know what makes people tick. I wan to know what happened in their history that has made them this way. What is it in their religion that makes them think this way...

Since being here, I have found several venues that have allowed me to learn some. There are some wonderful expat forums that I have joined as well as lectures I am attending. I am also reading books like crazy. That there can be a hazard to my budget since books are expensive here.

In the states, I took for granted that you could go to a bookstore and just get a book... here there are lots of book stores, but I find myself choosing the books much more carefully. I find myself asking if I would read the book more than once, would I loan it out, most importantly, is it worth the price, or could I wait till I go back to the states and get it then.

As I stated, the cost is much more expensive here... for instance...

The book - Princess cost me 45 dh = 12.25 10.15 usd new or 1.37 usd used (amazon)

Magazines are worse... the average price of a women's magazine (like Good Housekeeping) is 60 dh = 16$ usd... That is expensive... I don't think in the states magzines are more than 6 or 7 usd for the more expensive foodie magazines...

However that has not stopped me from purchasing books. I have always had a love affair for books, and I just can't give them up.

If anybody decides to come visit... I have a list of books I am looking for...

Speaking of visiting... If you want to come visit... we would love to have you stay with us.