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Time goes by so fast...

I can't believe how time goes by so fast. I remember when I was a kid, time seemed to stretch on forever. Holidays took forever to get here, sumer never lasted long enough though. It seemed like I would never grow up (maybe I haven't) and then all of a sudden it changed.

When our children are young, we hear words that tell us to enjoy them because they grow up so fast... It sounds silly at first, but then they are all of a sudden 5 years old and starting school.

All of a sudden they are graduating and going on with their lives. We hope that we have instilled in them the right and wrong ways of things, moral values and have earned their trust and friendship.

I feel that Doug and I are privileged to have a rare relationship with Jeiel and that in all of the struggles through school, and such, we have forged a bond of trust, friendship and mutual respect.

I don't know why I am blathering on about this... I was intending to post the highlights of his visit which was way to short.

The morning he arrived in Dubai, we started his adventure. We gave himm a wild and crazy tour of Dubai that only parents, frustrated by a faulty GPS system could provide. In otherwords, Doug and I had some rather heated discussions about where we were going and why we were lost. At the end of the day, Jeiel had seen more of Dubai then many people do... including back alley ways and parking lots and construction sights. We wore him out and he slept all the way back to Abu Dhabi.

The next day we gave him a tour of Abu Dhabi. I got to take both doug and Jeiel to some of the places that I have discovered with my friends and show them the Abu Dhabi I have grown to love.

Thursday we went to the Grand Moaque. We had a fantastic tour guide named Hammed. We learned so much. The mosque is absolutely amazing in the construction and the details. Bioth Doug and Jeiel got some incredible pictures of it.

We went on a Desert Safari that night and really enjoyed it. If you are looking to go, book with Emirates Adventures. Hands down they are the best so far. If you can request to drive the dune bashing with Esau... He was great and really enjoyed his job as driver.

The next day we went to Al Ain and had lunch at Mercure resort. The resort is located half way up the Jebbel Haeef Mountain which is the tallest mountain in the UAE. The views were incredible. The food was ok. Nothing spectacular... That afternoon we went to the Al Ain zoo. We got there to late to see the cats... they clost the cat exhibit at 6:30... bummer. We will have to go back. The big purple slushies were awesome and everyone had purple lips and teeth and blue lips and teeth.

That night I came down with (what I thought was.... but sins I am still feeling kind of green around the gills, am not so sure) food poisening... ugh! Enough said there. I do not know where I got it from. I was the only one in the bunch that got it.

Saturday I moped around the house and Doug and Jeiel went to The National Car Museum out toward Liwa. They said it was cool to see the car collection. We had a bit of a sand storm that day so that was snother adventure Jeiel go to have.

Sunday we headded to Dubai after some souvenier shopping here in town. Jeiel got some cool things to give to friends andhe took some cool things back to friends for us.

It was hard to see him leave on the plane. Sigh... In the mean time I am planning where we can take him next time he comes to visit.


It is almost time...

Well, the day is fast arriving... Jeiel arrives on Tuesday. I have so much to do before he gets here.

I desperately need to clean my apartment. I may "cheat" and hire someone in to help. I need to get the spare room / office under control. I still need to finalize several trip items we have planned and I probably should buy some groceries and snack type things to have around the house.

We will have so much to say and so much to do while he is here, I am sure the time will go by quite fast.

Pictures will be posted and his progress on his diet will finally be seen in person. I am excited to see that.

Seriously, If you want to come help... call me! I am sure I will be going crazy by tomorrow afternoon.



Just updates...

So, I am almost back to normal. I had another follow up with the Dr. I really like her, she is very knowledgeable about things. I still have some cough, and a bit of a sniffle, but other than that... things are good.

People here are very concerned with the Swine Flue. I think part of it is in the name.

Culturally and religiously, swine are bad... unclean, forbidden etc. That is not just in the Islamic religion, but also in the Hindu and Jewish religion in this area. So I can understand why people are so totally freaked out about it.

The name of something that is so bad and so forbidden in your religion and culture is the name of an illness. What could be worse than to get sick with it? I guess, that once you get sick with something with that kind of name... would you ever be considered clean again?

It is interesting the different peoples reactions to this outbreak. Here in Abu Dhabi they have closed all pork shops. (Most stores do NOT sell pork. However some do, but they are all in separate rooms and only non Muslims can enter the rooms. this is also the place where they put any grocery product that had any pork product in it... like POPTARTS!) From my experience, the pork is not all that great. Bacon, leave it, sausages, leave them, however the pork loin is good and the Parma hams are fantastic.

Perhaps the most bizarre reaction I have heard of so far is one that someone I know from an online forum had. She said the was talking to a very learned man. His comment blew her away. He stated that all Muslims would be ok since they do not eat pork. This comment came several days AFTER the announcement that there was no connection to the animals.

As I have stated... life is interesting ad definately an education over here. And I am having a fabulous time learning about it.