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Misc. Stuff

Well it is official... Sunshine is a licensed driver. Stay of the roads. Actually he is a very cautious driver, which is good.

We are out of her on VACATION Yay! Yay! Yay! This is my first real vacation in 4 years. I am just excited to be going somewhere. There have been times that we have been able to go out of town for a day or so... but this is for real. Location is Branson MO. Never have been there, don't know anyone there and have no relatives that we know of there. So we are off to an adventure like old times.

I finished and was able to felt my bag that I was working on. It turned out great! I hopeful will get a picture up soon. I forgot and have already packed the cord to my camera... Oh well...


He passed... yikes! (and other stuff)

So I guess I should says stay off the streets now, but that would not be nice...

Sunshine passed the driving portion of the license test. Now all he has to do is take the written and he will have the coveted "Drivers license".

He only has about 500$ to go on paying off the car and he will be ready to take on responsibility of ownership. Quite cool, as I never had a car when I was in High School.

I have interviewed with my employer for another position... I love my job, but I don't feel stretched enough. I need more of a challenge. The new one would be doing Inventory Audits. Something I have never done, but am sure I could do quite well. I should find out about that this week. If I don't get that one, there is another position coming open that needs to be filled by the first of the month.

Well I got the correct yarn for my project the other day and my purse strap is coming along quite nicely. I need to decide how long I want it. Anybody know how much Lambs Pride shrinks (percentage wise)? I will post pictures when I have it finished. Hopefully By the weekend. I want to start on the stupid pink mohair. It is not going to be a shawl. I decided it is going to be a bag of some sort. Something small and compact.


In the Pink

Well, I have decided it is going to be the Mobius Scarf. I think I may end up getting another skein of it just in case.

Tonight is "date night" and hubby and I are going to do the ususal and go do a wine tasting at our favorite sine and cheese store. Don't know what we are tasting tonight, so that will be interesting. Sunshine want's to chauffer... yikes... fortunately the library is close by so we can send him over there until we are finished.


Quandry (Part 2)

O.K. I have narrowed it down... it is either going to be Pretty In Pink Stole (pdf) or Mobius Wrap both from Free Patterns. I printed them off and am going to go curl up and watch NCIS and read them.

In a quandry... Or what to do with 2 balls of pink Mohair?

O.K. Last night I ran out of the Lambs Pride purple yarn I am using for my purse... Dang... I knew I should have bought 3 instead of 2 skeins. Oh well... Anyway, I am pretty pleased with the purse so far. However, since I am out of the purple untill tomorrow, I have moved on to another project.

This one has me in a bit of a quandry. It is this yummy cotton candy pink Mohair yarn, but I have a feeling that what I want it to be and what "IT" wants to be are two different things. I hate it when that happens. I mean, you see it setting on the shelf at the store and you can't resist the lure of it. You get home and say... what the heck was I thinking?

"I" want it to be a poncho, but I don't think that "it" wants to be one. I had one started in knit, but it just was not cooperating with me. So, I frogged that and started one in crochet... frogg, and restart.

This is my mission tonight. I need to find a pattern that will work with it. One of the first places I am going to check is my favorite crochet group - Crochet Partners in the pattern library. Lots of good patterns there. Maybe I will have to check the manufacturer web site also. sometimes there are good patterns or ideas there too. Oh, and I definately need to check out Free Patterns
I know there might be something there.