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In a quandry... Or what to do with 2 balls of pink Mohair?

O.K. Last night I ran out of the Lambs Pride purple yarn I am using for my purse... Dang... I knew I should have bought 3 instead of 2 skeins. Oh well... Anyway, I am pretty pleased with the purse so far. However, since I am out of the purple untill tomorrow, I have moved on to another project.

This one has me in a bit of a quandry. It is this yummy cotton candy pink Mohair yarn, but I have a feeling that what I want it to be and what "IT" wants to be are two different things. I hate it when that happens. I mean, you see it setting on the shelf at the store and you can't resist the lure of it. You get home and say... what the heck was I thinking?

"I" want it to be a poncho, but I don't think that "it" wants to be one. I had one started in knit, but it just was not cooperating with me. So, I frogged that and started one in crochet... frogg, and restart.

This is my mission tonight. I need to find a pattern that will work with it. One of the first places I am going to check is my favorite crochet group - Crochet Partners in the pattern library. Lots of good patterns there. Maybe I will have to check the manufacturer web site also. sometimes there are good patterns or ideas there too. Oh, and I definately need to check out Free Patterns
I know there might be something there.

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