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He passed... yikes! (and other stuff)

So I guess I should says stay off the streets now, but that would not be nice...

Sunshine passed the driving portion of the license test. Now all he has to do is take the written and he will have the coveted "Drivers license".

He only has about 500$ to go on paying off the car and he will be ready to take on responsibility of ownership. Quite cool, as I never had a car when I was in High School.

I have interviewed with my employer for another position... I love my job, but I don't feel stretched enough. I need more of a challenge. The new one would be doing Inventory Audits. Something I have never done, but am sure I could do quite well. I should find out about that this week. If I don't get that one, there is another position coming open that needs to be filled by the first of the month.

Well I got the correct yarn for my project the other day and my purse strap is coming along quite nicely. I need to decide how long I want it. Anybody know how much Lambs Pride shrinks (percentage wise)? I will post pictures when I have it finished. Hopefully By the weekend. I want to start on the stupid pink mohair. It is not going to be a shawl. I decided it is going to be a bag of some sort. Something small and compact.

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