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So, I am almost back to normal. I had another follow up with the Dr. I really like her, she is very knowledgeable about things. I still have some cough, and a bit of a sniffle, but other than that... things are good.

People here are very concerned with the Swine Flue. I think part of it is in the name.

Culturally and religiously, swine are bad... unclean, forbidden etc. That is not just in the Islamic religion, but also in the Hindu and Jewish religion in this area. So I can understand why people are so totally freaked out about it.

The name of something that is so bad and so forbidden in your religion and culture is the name of an illness. What could be worse than to get sick with it? I guess, that once you get sick with something with that kind of name... would you ever be considered clean again?

It is interesting the different peoples reactions to this outbreak. Here in Abu Dhabi they have closed all pork shops. (Most stores do NOT sell pork. However some do, but they are all in separate rooms and only non Muslims can enter the rooms. this is also the place where they put any grocery product that had any pork product in it... like POPTARTS!) From my experience, the pork is not all that great. Bacon, leave it, sausages, leave them, however the pork loin is good and the Parma hams are fantastic.

Perhaps the most bizarre reaction I have heard of so far is one that someone I know from an online forum had. She said the was talking to a very learned man. His comment blew her away. He stated that all Muslims would be ok since they do not eat pork. This comment came several days AFTER the announcement that there was no connection to the animals.

As I have stated... life is interesting ad definately an education over here. And I am having a fabulous time learning about it.

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