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I am so glad that tomorrow is the weekend. I so desperately need a down day.

My friend Janet and I walked down town on Monday. We were both thinking that our legs hurt more than usual, so I mapped it out and we walked 8 flippin miles. I couldn't believe that so I had to do it over. Sheesh, I didn't think I had it in me to make it that far.

We found a great little restaurant that serves healthy food. Janet thought I was nuts dragging her through a hospital. I was just curious... I know back in the states that some of the best restaurants are in some of the big hospitals. This was a gem.

I found a fabulous little Iranian restaurant with my friend Lisa when I was down there last week. It was just one we saw along the sidewalk and it was cute. The service was awesome and the food was fab. I definately want to take Doug there.

I am really enjoying my culinary adventures here. Some days I do crave a big fat burger (today) and crave American comfort food. Fortunately there are some of the big chains I am familiar with.

Most of the time we try to eat at local places. It has been a lot of fun discovering them. Some have become favorites of ours and we take friends there.

I have also been discovering coffee shops with my friends. There is an awesome one just down the street from us called Vivelle. Fantastic coffee and the sweets are divine! There are these little ones shaped like pumpkins that are made out of chickpea flour and oh they are so good.

I will get some pictures next time I go there. That sounds like a reason to go there tomorrow...

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