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Well that was weird...

Yesterday was my last day at work and it was a very strange feeling. Saying goodbye to everyone and all of the customers who I have seen on a daily basis for almost a year was a very strange feeling.

I am going to miss them all...

Another weird thing was on Saturday I picke out furniture for our apartment in UAE on the internet...

Doug was able to email me pictures and a list of what we can have. I then took the list and matched what I like. It was a bit difficult since the pictures were sooooooo small.

For some reason I was thinking things would be ultra modern and real streamlined... almost minimalistic. However the sofas and tables ended up being a lot more traditional.

Doug said he got to go look at the apartment at lunch (his) today ( our middle of night). He said it is really nice.

The view is of another building, and we don't have any out door space (rats), but we have marble floors, and the layout is very nice. This is a poor picture, but it gives you an idea of the layout. Since it is blurry... along the top is Living room/ dining room space (26.7 x 12.6), kitchen (17.1 x 7.3), Bedroom 1 (16.1 x 11), bedroom 2 (15.4 x 11.9). The bathroom is directly opposite the bedroom 1, (now moving left) entry, laundry, utility room (10 x 12.1) and bathroom with just a shower. I think typically the utility room and shower would be for a maids quarters... hmmm (probably not, well maybe once a week). However I think we are going to use it for an office space.

Stay tuned for more on this wild adventure.

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