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Did Ya ever feel like you were at a stand still?

Ugh... I feel like I am at a standstill... I know I am making progress n cleaning and donating things, however when I look at how much more I have to go... I still feel overwhelmed. I know I am making progress since I have 9 (yes nine) garbage bags and 2 full garbage cans ready to go to the trash on Tuesday.

I just have so much more to do. I pretty much have one storage closet in the basement done... I just have boxes to move out to the trash. I have 1 more storage closet to go, then there is all of the junk in the basement. I can see that I am making headway on that since I can now see the floor in several places and the boxes are not as high any more.

I think once I get that level done, I will feel better about the possibility of getting done by Christmas.

The moving company is coming on Tuesday to do a walk through. I guess at that time they will see what needs to be packed and shipped and what needs to be stored.

I am not anticipating taking a lot of things. Since our apartment there will be furnished, Most things we take are going to be ones we can't live without. Of course we will take personal items and stuff, but there is a lot I am not taking.

Well I am off to sort stuff some more. I am finding little breaks seem to help a lot.

Actually I think I am going to try to fix the vacuum... the rotator thingey seems to be stuck.

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