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Time Crunch

Doug hit the ground running in AD and has been settling in and learning new things every day. He has been busy working. I didn't know this, but, they work a 6 day work week over there. With the time difference it does make sense. If I am posting this at around 12:00 noon, it is about 11:00pm over there. Fridays are the weekends... interesting.

He just got the offer package and everything seems to be pretty reasonable. There are a few tweaks that he wanted to make, but not much.

It sounds like he will sign on to the project before the end of the year, which workd out great. When he was talking to the tax specialists, they told him that it would be to his advantage to sign on early. Evidently there is some"rule" that stated we could only be back in the states for 31 days per year if he signs on after the new year starts.

This means my time line has gotten moved up. So... I guess I will now be tentatively be going back with him on the 4th of January, instead of the end of January.

All that means if more stress in getting the house ready for sale and everything sold. ARGH!!!!

I have a notebook full of lists of things that need done.

I am ruthlessly purging "stuff" from the closets and my crafts.

I am exhausted and frustrated that it seems that I have not made any hea way... but I know I have. The garbage pile has to be some ndicator of how things are going as well as how many boxes of "stuff" have been freecycled.

Well, I am off to purge my closets...

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