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Stuff, Stuff and more Stuff

I still can't believe how much "stuff" a person can accumulate in such a short while.

I am feeling totally overwhelmed at getting rid of "stuff".

Today i donated 2 boxes of stuff and got rid of a huge bag of stuff and there is still more stuff. Argh!!!

It is interesting how when you start to go through things you soon realize that emotional and sentimental attachments are unjustified. The things you think are so precious are really just stuff.

Doug and I had a talk before he left, and the general conclusion is that if we had a fire and lost everything, we really could start over.

You know, I don't think it is so much the "thing" it is the clutter that is driving me nuts.

When we have gone on vacation, I don't miss all the stuff we have. I kind of relish the living in a minimalistic environment. There is a sort of freedom to it. You loose the attachment to thing.

when we come back from UAE, am I still going to have an emotional attachment to the things that I put in storage? Some things, yes, others definitely not. that will be very interesting.

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