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Leaving on a Jet Plane... and OUch!!!

Well, Doug leaves Sunday for Abu Dhabi. Since he is meeting up with the Company VP in Denver his flight is longer than my B-I-L Jim's flight. I think it ends up being 27 hours or something, including layovers.

Doug will be gone for 4 weeks, back through the 4th of January and then in AD for the next 4 weeks. At that point he will come back and (I think) help with the rest of the moving stuff.

Today he got the POA and Living will done (ack!) Now I have real power (semi evil laugh). Just kidding... This is mainly so I am able to sell the house and anything I need to while he is gone.

I have already started to get rid of a lot of things. I am amazed at how much junk a person can accumulate when you have a basement. I have gotten rid of a bunch of junk, but I have so much more to go through... then there are all of those "precious memory things".

Monday I am renting a storage unit and starting to put things I want to keep in there.

You know, of all the times Doug and I have "tried" to move, for a better job opportunity, nothing ever fell into place. This time I am so convinced that that this is the right move. It seems every time we have mentioned that something is going to be for sale, people have just come oput of the wood work and said "I want it"

Just a little while ago, we had people come over to look at the shopsmith and he wants it (just needs to convince his wife), and we just sold the pool table, exercise bike and power washer. My assistant manager wants to buy my car when it is time to sell. Every door seems to be opening up for us.

Oh... the OUch... I got my first shot today. It was the Hep A/B combo. It stung like crazy when I got it and then my arm went kind of numb for about a half hour. Surprisingly, it isn't as sore as I thought it would be.

When Doug gets back in December I go for the rest... That one I know hurts.

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