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Well it has been an interesting last few months. I ended the Summer semester at school and have now started the Fall semester.

I am taking a break from math classes this semester. I have an Art History class, Public Speaking class and a World History (up to the 1500's) class. I am enjoying them all. I actually created my schedule around the Art class because I wanted this specific Professor and class. That accounts for the 8:00 am class. This is a struggle for me since you all know I am NOT a morning person. I took the public speaking class just because it looked fun. I was correct... My Professor is hilarious. I nailed my first speech with an A+ and my next speech is due Tuesday. I am nervous about that one. She said to think outside the box and well.... I am lol. The world history class is interesting and I am learning a lot from it. I am already thinking about my final paper.

I started a new job a little over a month ago.  I am a Personal Concierge at the Marriott out at DIA. I am loving it. I get to meet new people and the team of people I work with is incredible. Sadly we lost a supervisor to the JW down-town. I will miss him. I was going to apply for that position but I have not been with Marriott for 90 days and I got to thinking about school scheduling and health issues and decided I really didn't want to add to the stress in my life right now. I will just sit back and learn for now.

I am thinking of taking several trips this fall... One to Atlanta to visit a good friend and one to visit my sister and nieces in Houston. I am working on saving some money up for a big trip next summer.

Well I am off to do some research for speech and history...

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