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Finals Week... finally

Well, this starts the beginning of "Finals Week" for me. As usual I am stressed about them. My GPA has slipped a bit this semester but I am still at about a 3.6 which is ok I guess. I will pull it up over the summer if I can.

My final Drawing project is done and signed... we critique them on Tuesday and Thursday. I like the way mine turned out. It is a conte crayon, charcoal, and graphite composite drawing of a vent in an old fort in Fujairah UAE. On the left side of the drawing I "wrote" in Arabic part of my favorite poem, The Road Less Traveled and on the right I wrote the last line in English. I just need to mount it for class and it is totally finished. My English paper is almost done. I think I just need to write the conclusion and it will be done. Then all I have is my Math final. That I am nervous about. Math has been a huge learning curve for me.

I need to take at least 1 class this summer... Math again... ugh! This should be the last Algebra class I need though. I should be able at the end of summer semester to retest and avoid the rest of the Algebra. Then I can take the accounting class I need in the fall and work on a few more requirements.

I am still seeing the guy I wrote about before. Not much has changed there. I am still trying to keep it casual and no commitments. At least for the next 3 years. I don't need a distraction. I have enough trouble with "squirrel" syndrome as it is. I need to "laser focus" as my friend Joy says...

Well it is time to hit the books again. 28 out of 42 homework problems are done... Then I need to get on and do some online math homework... 70 problems of that... well at least I should know the material.

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Hala said...

hi Lori ,
are you still on Ravelry? i sent you a message there.