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I did it again lol...

Wow... I did it again. I started to blog and then promptly forgot about it. I think I actually got busy, but I am not sure doing what... Life has gone by so fast since I last wrote something. Many Many updates...

I finally started college. It has been a dream of mine for a long time. I didn't know what I really wanted to do until we lived overseas for that wonderful but short period of time. I realized that I have always loved to travel so it finally became clear to me that I want a career in the Hospitality and Travel Management field. With much credit due to my son Jeiel and his encouragement I enrolled at Community College of Denver and am moving forward. I will be at CCD for at least 1 more semester, probably two, then I will transfer to Metro State and enter my field of study. I am excited to be moving forward.

Doug and I went to San Francisco in September. It was cool and windy there, but we had fun.

The first week in October we went out to dinner and after dinner while talking Doug said he didn't think we were "ok". So I said the obvious... "you want a divorce?" After talking a few times I decided that there was no way we could fix things so we moved forward with getting the divorce.

At first I was absolutely devastated. How could this be happening to me? For about a month and a half my life was turned upside down. Then I started to look back and now realize I just didn't see the signs for a long long time. If truth be known, the blame (if there is any) lies with both of us. Having had a lot of time for reflection I am now glad we moved forward. I realize now that I have been unhappy for a long time. I just didn't want to give up.

I have a cute cozy little apartment closer to school and I love it here. It is quiet and the neighbors are friendly. The neighborhood is not the best... It is decent but it is still close to some problem areas. I haven't had any problems and don't plan to have any.

I am in my second semester of school now and absolutely loving it. I had great professors last semester and one of them is the same this semester. I managed, despite all of the stress going on I managed to get a 4.0. So I have a "reward class" Drawing 1, an English Comp class and another Math class. The drawing is fairly easy and so is the English class. I am struggling a bit with my Pre Algebra class though. I am slowly getting it, and am determined to succeed in it. I had two other classes that I dropped. One was a business class that pushed me up to 18 credits. I decided that I couldn't do that so I kept my Spanish class. I should have dropped that one and kept the business class but oh well. I found out after the fact that my Spanish class was a Honor's Spanish. Why did my advisor do that to me? I have no idea. I will take it again, but in a simpler form another time lol.

The divorce was finalized on the 7th of February, but I celebrated (yes celebrated) on the 3rd which was the date I had filed the papers since Doug was out of the country. I called it "Freedom Day" It truly was a relief to have it done.

Doug has moved on with his life... in my opinion a little bit to quickly, but it is his life. His girlfriend has moved in and having known him for most of my life I know where that is going... I hope he is careful and thinks things through... like doing a pre-nup... Things like that are important.

I am moving on with my life now too... I have a friend who I have started to go out with every so often. We have a lot in common and really enjoy each others company. He makes me laugh and smile. He is considerate, kind, supportive of my goals, interested in what is going on in my life, interested in how school is going, etc. I am not sure where the relationship will go, but the ride will be fun and I will let nature take it's course.

Well, I have homework to do in Math and I want to work on my drawing for Art class tomorrow. I am not happy with a section of what I have drawn, but then anatomy is not a strong subject of mine. I think I may redraw it and start from scratch. Fortunately I took some pictures of the cast we were drawing and should be able to work things out.

I will try to be better at posting... I promise.

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