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Oh My Gosh and other things...

OMG... Has it really been this long since I last wrote anything here? We have had so many changes happen since we moved State side.

  • November 09 - Our son moved down to Denver to be with us. He hit a real rough patch when we moved to Abu Dhabi and he just needed to get away from Idaho. He is doing so much better now and is enrolled at CCD (Community College of Denver) in the Criminal Justice program.
  • We bought a house and moved in 9 months ago
  • I started working part time. This was 3-4 days a week and has declined to 1-2 days a week and there have been budget cuts an all... Marketing is a tough business right now.
  • Doug's company he is working for, (CRITIGEN) was spun off from CHMHILL, which I say was a very good thing.
  • We just adopted an adorable dog from a No Kill shelter. Ziggy is a 2 year old ... We are not sure yet dog. He was billed as a Chihuahua,but both Doug and I say he looks more like a Min. Pin.

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