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Yarn Faeries and Magical Frogs (part 1)

 Well it seems that in the land of Near and Far, the
"Yarn Faeries" live. Tis truly a magical place to be.
Full of glorious color and wondrous skeins of yarn from
the yarn factories. They had one critical problem
though you see... All of the roads were horribly
clogged with yarn. The fairies however, had no
problem - you see they fly. But no visitors could
come and visit because the roads were impassible.
Not to far away in the neighboring warring kingdom
of "Green" lived fanciful green frogs. Truly down deep
inside they didn't like to be at war. I do believe upon
refection, they were just very unhappy. For though in
the neighboring kingdom of Near and Far the Yarn Faeries
had many glorious shades of yarn, the frogs were stuck
with just one color, yellow.
How this terrible tragedy happened, no one truly
knows. Some think is was a dye job gone bad, others
believe it was an evil Yarn Faerie who was jilted by a
young frog prince. However none of that story has anything
to do with this one... perhaps at a later date I will
relate that tale to you.
For the most part they were a vain lot of frogs.
Some of them dressed quite gaudily in rare imported yarns
and clothing crocheted and knitted in foreign countries.
For though they were stuck with crocheting in only yellow,
finished garments imported from foreign countries did not
turn yellow upon arrival in Green-Land. the tragedy of it
was that if they imported some of the glorious yarns, as
soon as they arrived within the borders of Green-Land, they
would turn yellow. Others dressed fairly simply yet in
exquisite hand-made clothing that they had made themselves
in the only color of yarn they had, yellow.
The two classes of frogs just couldn't get along,
they were just miserable. The frogs who dressed in multicolor
were jealous of those who knew how to make their own clothing
and the glorious patterns and stitches they use. And the frogs
who made their own clothes were insanely jealous of the gorgeous
colors of yarns and threads the other frogs clothing was made of.
So being miserable they set out to make all others
miserable by seeking out yarns through out the known world
to twist and wind up into knots. Perhaps they have visited
your yarn basket at one time or another, or perhaps they visit
on a regular basis?

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Anonymous said...

Very funny! And yes, those darned frogs have visited quite often... as soon as I think they are gone, I straighten out the mess. But as soon as I turn my back they are in there making another mess! lol