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Yarn Faeries and Magical Frogs (part 2)

Part 2

Let me continue with my tale...

Way far away on the very peaceful planet of Yarnie,
Edgebert and Threadnick were getting bored. It is true
they were cozy and enjoying sipping tea and and crocheting
away quite happily every day, none the less, they were getting
bored. One day Edgebert said to Threadnick, "you know my
dear friend, we seem to have used all of the colored skeins
of yarn, and are now left with all white". "That is true my
eloquent friend", said Threadnick. "We must formulate a
plan to replenish our stock of glorious colors, or become
increasingly bored and despondent" he continued. Edgebert
sighed and said, "I do believer that we need and
adventure". Threadnick was about to reply when he was
interrupted by a loud knock on the door.
On the doorstep sat a small multi-colored frog.
“I have an urgent message for an Edgebert, keeper of
patterns and Threadnick, keeper of yarns and threads”,
he croaked in a raspy voice. “Which one do you happen
to be?” “I am Edgebert, this is my esteemed colleague
Threadnick,” replied Edgebert, staring incredulously
at the small frog, which upon furtherer inspection was
wearing an exquisitely hand-made yellow jacket in
free-form. “Please, come in and refresh yourself”,
exclaimed Threadnick, “You do look parched”. “Why thank
you kindly, sir's”, the frog exclaimed, “I am quite dry”.
As Threadnick poured some Chamomile tea, Edgebert
served the frog some Lavender muffins. As the trio sipped
the tea, the story unfolded.
The frog was from the kingdom of “Green”, two
solar stars away, and they were in great crisis. The frog
explained and he removed his verdant green coat. He was
the Ambassador to the planet “Yarnie”, a newly appointed
position. He had been chosen because of his long
distinguished service to the King, Chief of Frogs.
Edgebert and Threadnick gasped, “FROGS?” “Do I understand
correctly that you have an affiliation with the vile
creatures that cause us to “frog” and “rippit”? Threadnick
demanded. “If you indeed are affiliated, you may excuse
yourself” chimed in Edgebert in horror, “We have no use
for you and your kind”. “Oh please,” exclaimed the frog,
“I mean you no harm and it truly is not in my my fellow
green brothers and sisters hearts to cause you distress.”
“We are in crisis, and I was told that you are the only
two who can help us come to peace”, he continued. “Well”,
said Threadnick, pondering this information, “I do suppose
it would not hurt to listen”, he said to Edgebert. “We
are open minded and a compassionate twosome” said Edgebert.
“I don't suppose it would hurt to listen”. “Oh thank you”
exclaimed the frog with great relief.

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