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Time Flies when you are STRESSED!

Wow, I can hardly believe how fast time has gone. It seems like just yesterday that I was finishing my last day at work and preparing for this crazy adventure. Now we are down to 7 days until we leave. That means that in 3 days the movers come... yikes!

On Christmas, Doug and I spent the greater part of the day sorting and deciding what was going to the local thrift store. I wasn't really all that surprised by how much we had to give away. When they came yesterday to do a pick up, we completely filled the truck. The sad thing is... we need to get rid of more stuff.

Doug and I have made a promise to each other to try to stay clutter free. I know it is going to be a challenge, but I think we can do it.

We listed the house yesterday with our realtor Marcus. I hope he does a good job for us. I believe he will. The pressure is on for him since his mom is one of Doug's tech leads and a very good friend of ours.

Marcus was saying he actually has 2 couples that he wants to show the house to on Monday. I guess both are very interested.

This has been a great house. We are only the 3rd family to live in it. It was the builders house and his kids grew up in it, then his son bought the house and his kids partially grew up in it. Our son spent most of his life here. The neighborhood is great. There is a very nice balance of neighbors, both LDS and not. Everyone seems to get along well. The kids play well together and the neighborhood is clean and safe. We have great schools in the area, and are close to shopping.

In a way I will be sad to see our house sell. But, in another way I am exited. This is the beginning on a new adventure for us.

Well, I had better go get busy with cleaning an "stuff". There is so much to do still.

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