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New Years resolutions and attempts at organization and sanity

I am not big on making New Years resolutions, because I always find myself breaking them by the first part of February. However I think I have come up with one that is one I might have some success with.

I resolve to weigh each crochet project that I contemplate making with the questions "Is this a project that I want to make, or do I somehow feel compelled to make it? Will I finish the project, or will it languish with the other UFO's that I have? Most importantly, is this a project that I will enjoy making?"

I realized after much contemplation, why I put crochet aside for several years. It was because I felt that I needed to produce things. Things I didn't really want to make, that I knew would be liked, but not fully appreciated for the time and effort that went into the making of them. I literally burned out after making way to many afghans and doilies and only getting several acknowledgments of their receipt. One was particularly disappointing, in that I was criticized in the color choices for her afghan. But enough of that. I only make for people who will appreciate the gift now.

As for projects that I wish to learn or complete this year...

I will write down the patterns for my reversible potholder, and the 24 point afghan. I plan on selling both of those patterns.

Things to learn, do or finish:

  • Polish Star - I have been intimidated by this long enough. It is time to conquer that fear and master the stitch.
  • I will finish lining my freeform purse that I made several years ago...
  • I want to make the Whisper of Elegance sweater that I first blogged about when I started blogging. I never did make the sweater exactly as the pattern was written.
  • I have several patterns from Gourmet Crochet... I want to make at least 1 of them.
  • I want to learn to do entralace crochet and make a scarf and then maybe a purse.
  • I want to make a recycled sweater felted bag.
  • Seraphina Shawl is another project I want to make.
  • I also want to make at least 1 maybe 2 Dr Who scarves for Hubby and Ds.
  • I saw a pattern for an interlocking belt. I want to make one. I'm not to the belt stage of my diet yet, but soon...
  • I want to finish the sweater I started several months ago.
  • Last but not least, I want to make a large doily. I will probably give this away. I just enjoy making doilies.
I will probably have several other projects that I make, but these are the ones I really want to accomplish this year.

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Marion said...

I met you in crochet chat here is the pattern link for the booties thanks Marion