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Yarn Faeries and Magical Frogs Part 3

Part 3

As they sipped tea, the whole story unfolded. The Ambassador told about the frogs who had beautiful colored clothing and the ones who had gorgeous handmade clothing and how each was jealous of the other. He told how the fighting had gotten out of hand and how the were not just fighting with each other, but the unhappiness had affected the whole universe. He told about the problem of just having one color of yarn to crochet with, at which Edgebert and Threadnick nodded sympathetically. He told the story about the evil fairy and the frog prince, how they had been cursed forever to only have yellow yarn to crochet with.
“Oh, I almost forgot, I have a urgent message from the King for you.” The Ambassador exclaimed, fumbling in his jacket pocket. “Ah, here it is.” He said handing an Irish crocheted letter pouch to Edgebert. As Edgebert and Threadnick read the letter the Ambassador sighed and leaned back in his chair. The letter read: “Please Sir's Edgebert and Threadnick can you help? My citizens are waring. They fight each other for a coat of many colors, and a multicolored afghan they will... well, lets just say it is unpleasant. Please help me I want my citizens to be happy, but they are so mean and vindictive I can not leave them alone to come and plead with you. We have heard of your great diplomacy and skill in negotiations, I am sure you can help us resolve this situation. Please help me we are desperate. Signed King of Green land, Chief of frogs”.
Edgebert and Threadnick pondered this for a while. At last Edgebert said to Threadnick, “Something must be done. But what?” “All we have is white to crochet with.” Said Threadnick. “So true, my esteemed colleague”, murmured Edgebert, “However they have yellow, and that is quite a charming color combination.” “Why that is so true my friend”, exclaimed Threadnick

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