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More WIM's and ramblings...

Recently I discovered the Crystal Lace Bollero and thought how cool... I wonder... And that sealed my fate with this one. I think this would be perfect for work this fall. Of course, I will have to make a few changes, like length and size, but this is perfect.

I want to make it a bit longer in back and on the sides and the arms will need to be longer. Other than that, the pattern will be the same.

I need one in blue and green. I will probably start the green one first, provided I have enough of the yarn I am thinking of in my stash.

I am still working on the Whisper of Elegance sweater in the evenings while watching the telly. I am hoping I will have enough of the variegated to make it at least hip length. I was thinking it would be too long if I increased the size, but... I think this is going to just about right, if I make it just below the hip. If I can get it long enough to cover the butt I will be pleased. I need to see if I can find some more of this yarn. I will have to try eBay 'cause I am sure it is not in the stores any more. If I can find the same kind, I can make it work even if it is not the same dye lot... I will just use it in the arms. Guess that is what I get for digging in my stash for yarn for a project. Ha!

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